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Making 10

  • Posted on

    • December 15, 2017
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We’ve been making 10 this week.

How many different ways are there? I presume there are 10!

Can you make something to show me all of the ways to make ten? This could be some calculations, it could be a picture with dots or spots, it could be a ten frame, a rainbow, or some circles.

2 dojos to anyone who brings something for our homework display!

We’ve watched this video in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9tjBUiXs0&t=75s

Image result for making ten rainbow   Image result for making ten

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Full Turn, Half Turn and a new one…Quarter turn

  • Posted on

    • December 13, 2017
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We’ve been practising doing full turns and half turns.

Can you practise at home please.

Can you do a full turn? Can you make one of your toys or pets or grown ups do a full turn?

What about a half turn?

We’ve not spoken about a quarter turn yet, I wonder who can tell the class about quarter turns on Monday?

Image result for full turn

Image result for half turn

Image result for half turn

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Kangaroos’ Homework – Three parts

  • Posted on

    • December 1, 2017
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Three separate parts of homework this week! We’ve been learning about ordinal numbers recently (first, second, third etc.)

So, first, could we all practise zipping and unzipping our coats, especially Paige (she has three zips on hers). Image result for zipping coats

Second could we practise doing our shoes up, especially Poppy and Paddy, their laces seem to undo quicker than everyone else. Image result for tie laces

Third could we have a go at writing the days of the working week – Monday to Friday, there are some children who are able to do all five! Excellent work children (and mums and dads). https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/curations/days-of-the-week

Extension – if you’d like an extension can you have a go at learning to spell Merry Christmas, this may come in very useful soon…Image result for merry christmas  Image result for merry christmas

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Writing on our own blog!

Hello Mums and Dads and Grandmas and Grandads, we are having a lovely Friday afternoon in Kangaroos!

We want to say thank you for helping us with our handwriting. We hope the videos were helpful!

Esme, Amy, Lacey, Jake, Noah, Deaken, Lexi, Poppy, Lacey-Mae, Stephen, Riley, Ollie and Paige all wanted to give a special thank you to their grown ups!

Lots of Love, The Kangaroos!

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Letter formation

  • Posted on

    • November 14, 2017
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Here is that link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1nnOO2OFVI&list=PLXKeximRDJ8p4lFaITqIZ1WSSAdotcgGN

You don’t just have to practise with a pencil, here are some other fun ideas, although I don’t know for certain what is in some of the pictures, is that cream, icing sugar or shaving foam?

I’d love to see some of your pictures! 32 dojos will be awarded per picture – get forming those letters and get inventive!

Image result for fun ways to practice letter formation Image result for fun ways to practice letter formation

Image result for fun ways to practice letter formation 


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Kangaroos’ Homework

  • Posted on

    • November 11, 2017
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Please keep reading, our first person has filled their reading booklet and is awaiting their prize!

The challenge is a termly reading challenge so you still have time to get to 50 and receive a prize too!

Homework this week was a handwriting task, I’m looking forward to putting them on the homework wall for everyone to see. The most important thing about handwriting at the moment is that we’re forming the letters correctly, we’re working towards a cursive handwriting style and here is a link showing how to form the letters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf41qclTZlc&list=PLXKeximRDJ8p4lFaITqIZ1WSSAdotcgGN&index=2

An example of a short cut children often take is with the letter b. They sometimes draw it like you would a number 6. When i play the link (above) it shows how to do the a properly and then the videos for the other letters appear too. If you have any problems finding any videos let me know.

Also, please DO NOT WORRY if your child becomes a little despondent or frustrated that their handwriting looks worse in the cursive style. this happens to everyone but soon they will be joining beautifully.

The c is a great place to start and joining it to letters like a, g, d which have the similar form is a great next step.

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Number Lines!

Hopefully by now you can post your comments and pictures on here again. Please let me know if you can’t.

Today we’ve had a quick recap of our number system and the way we can represent it.

I loved the huge number of ways children represented numbers on their number lines.

Which were your favourites? I wonder if any of yours are the same as mine?

Have a look in the pictures below and leave me a comment! One dojo for any good noticing!

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