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Mr L Petitt

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International and Fairtrade Week Food Tasting

As part of International and Fairtrade Week we have investigated where certain foods and drinks come from and how they get to our plates.

We have also done some food and drink tasting and prior to this, predicting which we thought were going to be the tastiest!

We enjoyed this immensely!

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Tuesday 13th and Friday 16th March – Computing!

It is a very exciting time in Kangaroos’ class at the moment – today and Friday we will be having Computing days.

We will be investigating with coding, debugging, animating and much more!

Please ask your children what they’ve been learning about. I’ll see if I can get some pictures or videos to show our work.

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Walking Our Stories!

Here we are walking our short stories. This is a technique we will be using when we write our ‘Blast Off’ stories soon!


(N was much more vocal when the camera wasn’t rolling)

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