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Year 6 Residential

Wednesday 6th June – Friday 8th June

What a fantastic couple of days spent at Edale YHA. The children enjoyed plenty of challenging activities over the course of the few days including, canoeing, crate stacking, archery and abseiling off a 70ft bridge.

It was amazing to see the way everyone supported and reassured each other during the activities. Children were happy to challenge themselves and push themselves outside of their comfort zone and the way they helped each other was fantastic.

They were an absolute credit to the school and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a special time in which they have strengthened friendships, bonds and made memories for life.

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Year 6 Residential – Day One

Wednesday 6th June

We all arrived safely at approx 11am, found our private “Kinder” cottage and settled into our rooms. After much excitement exploring each other’s rooms we had lunch before chilling and taking part in our first activity.

All  the children took part in some ice breaker activities and ended up going for a mini hike up towards Ringing Roger.

After dinner at 6.00pm we took part in the night hike (hopefully they are all tired). Abbie, Jessica B, Ellie and Leah were all looking tired before we even left!

So far everyone is having a fantastic time.


Mr Gale




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Working with the police

Today we had a visit from Miss Fletcher who used to come to our school as a student. She now works within the police and was telling us all about what her job involves and what you need to do to be able to work for them. Again, the children had numerous questions and it gave them lots to think about.

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Careers and Aspirations week

Elephants had lots of fun this afternoon. We had a special visitor into school, Miss Quinney, who told us all about being a barrister and how the court works. We put Goldilocks on trial and, although the prosecution did an excellent job, there was just not enough conclusive evidence meaning the jury had to find her ‘not guilty’! Everyone had lots of questions and then we got to try on the wig, gown and bands that barristers wear in court. I think we have some potential barristers and judges in the making- they definitely look at home in the outfit!                  

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Finding out about different religions

In Elephants this morning we have started our exploration into the Islamic faith. We found out a little about what following Islam might look like for a young person in Britain. We also found out about the five pillars of Islam which are like the ‘rules’ Muslims follow in order to lead a good life according to Allah – their god. Their holy book is the Koran. We found out about what makes up the fundamental teachings of the Koran, how to treat the book and how important it is to the Muslim faith. 

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Money, money, money!

Elephants are having lots of fun planning a party with members of Yorkshire Building Society and the MP Stephanie Peacock. It’s not as easy as they first thought having to think about costings and making sure the cost of tickets is not too expensive! Hopefully, by the end of the session, they should be able to help with the family budget – or at least, they should have a better appreciation of how much things cost! 

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Getting ready for our SATs – finding out about ratio and proportion. Elephants did a great job using apparatus and images to help us work out the ratio and proportion of objects. We then used our new knowledge to help us work out how to answer SATs style questions, going around the tables reviewing other’s working out and making adaptations. Great work guys!

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    • April 13, 2018
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Elephants started their new science topic today: electricity. It’s been a while since they have used the equipment so we tested their knowledge through matching the descriptions to their correct components and electrical symbols. It was then time to try out circuit building, trying to complete challenge tasks. It was great to see everyone enthusiastic and having an enquiring approach to their investigations; asking questions and testing them out.  IMG_0605

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Skittle experiment!

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    • March 22, 2018
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Today, the Elephants investigated diffusion. By conducting our own experiments using Skittles, we were able to see the diffusion process before our eyes! We had a great time looking at the wonderful colours spread and had a  discussing what we thought was happening!


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Chocolate bar planning!

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    • March 13, 2018
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After our hard work looking at reasons for and against keeping animals in captivity, the children were on the planning stage today. To help us organise our writing, we cut up the chocolate bars we had created previously and then looked for linked ideas to form our paragraphs. Lots of children also managed to organise the points so that there were links between paragraphs as well. I am hoping for some well structured pieces of writing as our outcome! 

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