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Helping hands…

Next week we will be thinking about time and how we can measure it.

Look around your house and see how many different ways of measuring
time, you can find. Can you find a clock? …a watch? …a timer? …a sand
timer? …a stopwatch? What are these things used for? What numbers can
you see? Take some photos or draw a picture of some different ways to
measure time.


Try this game with you child, they will need you to read the questions and guide them through the answers but it’s a good introduction to time.


Related image


Don’t forget that ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ is always a good game to play too.


I thought it might be helpful to list a few handy websites and apps to try they will help with reading and phonics.

Click on the image to be taken to the website


Image result for ict games

Can be used on computers and soon to be made available on tablets/ipads.


Image result for teach your monster to read

The website is free, just register! You can download the app on phones, tablets and ipads (costs around £4.99).


Image result for phonics play


Image result for phonics bloom


Image result for oxford owl

Oxford Owl has free E-Books and linked games!


Or take a look at these.  We sing these in class too!


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A very egg citing week!

It has been a very exciting week in Lemurs. On Monday we had a special delivery from Debs at Eggucation. She brought some eggs for us to look after and also two special visitors, Wilma and Sindy the chickens. 

Debs brought us a special machine called an ‘incubator’ the eggs have to be kept in here to stay warm.

You can watch this years chicks hatch.

Although last years is really interesting as it allows you to see the chicks pipping and then emerge wet and freshly hatched!

On Wednesday morning we found two chicks in the incubator and by Friday we had six!

We have been listening to the story of The Little Red Hen’ too. We made some masks and then re-told the story ourselves. We also found out how flour is made and then decided to make our own bread. It was delicious.

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Whatever Next?

This week we have been in space.  We have been building rockets outside and in.  We even tried some astronaut ice cream and grapes.  We have been thinking about the moon and some of the other planets in our solar system.











We have been thinking about more than and less than this week.  Why not try playing this game at home.  Click on the link to play.


Have fun!

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Owl Babies

Our first week back has been very exciting.  On Tuesday we received some special visitors…

    You can see a short film clip here….. IMG_3215

We have been reading Owl Babies this week, we thought a lot about how the baby owls felt when they found out that mummy owl had gone.  We made some baby owls using pine cones and then we wrote a sentence about the owl babies feelings.

We hope you enjoy our film

Please feel free to leave comments.


Next week  ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’
















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A serious incident!

This week WE HAD A BREAK IN!

A mysterious and cunning individual came into our classroom, stole our uni-fix blocks and made a huge mess in our

maths area!


However the thief left a trail of evidence, we dusted for finger prints and measured the footprints that had been left.












We gathered the evidence and made criminal profiles.

















































Can you guess who the mysterious criminal was?









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People who help us

People who help us in School

Mr Hall came to visit us and told us about all the things he does around school to help us. We learnt that he opens the school every morning and locks it up again when everybody has gone home



Mrs Clark told us all about what she does, we learnt that she doesn’t teach one class but she looks after all the classes in school.

Mr. Gale came to talk to us about all the sports events he plans for the children in school.





People who help us in the community

We liked finding out about the fire service and have learnt all about what they do. we were interested to find out that as well as putting out fires they rescue people from accidents.

We made our own fire engines out of mobilo…….


















…..and with the crates outside.
































This week we have found out about what an Optician does and have made our own opticians clinic.

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Welcome back Lemurs!

  • Posted on

    • January 12, 2018
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We hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

This term we will be developing our creative area into an ‘Art Studio’. The children have already been having fun this week exploring the area.

















We have introduced a colour mixing table and the children have had fun mixing the powder paints and finding out how to make different colours.  They have also used the paint to paint the models they have created.





This week we have been talking about people who help us at home. The children have told us all about the superheroes that live in their houses and have shared the photographs that have been sent in from home.

We also had a great time making gingerbread biscuits.


We all thought the biscuits were delicious!


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Lemurs at Christmas

  • Posted on

    • December 15, 2017
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This week we have been thinking about giving and receiving gifts. We thought about the gifts the Kings gave to the baby Jesus and wrapped up our own presents.










We have also been investigating ice. The children found that our water tray had frozen and were curious to know how the ice had formed. We found out that when the water is very cold it turns into ice so we made our own ice cubes in the freezer. We also found out that salt makes ice melt quickly but you shouldn’t eat it.







In Miss Waughs assembly we learnt about children who are less fortunate than we are and how we could help them by wearing our Christmas jumpers and donating money to Save the Children. We all looked very smart!

To to end the week we all tucked into a Christmas Dinner and it was delicious!

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