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Mrs T Fear

Noticing Narwhals (Y3/4 2018-19)

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Pirate Day in Narwhals!

What a brilliant day we had on Thursday! To start our adventure stories, we turned ourselves into pirates and used treasure maps to help us draw the stories we were going to write. Everyone got into the pirate spirit and did some great thinking about what was going to happen when we went to discover the treasure!

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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    • September 19, 2018
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What a great day Narwhals had today! We spent the morning exploring some of the sculptures with a member of the sculpture park team who introduced us to some of the materials the sculptures are made of and the processes the artist would go through in order to create their work. It was great to see how all the artists used materials in different ways and incorporated different ideas into their work. We then had a go at sketching and even used some plasticine to try and create our own animal head which represented us. After lunch, we used some clay to create discs which we made impressions in using various natural items that we found. We also used these materials around us, together with string, clay and pipe cleaners to make our own mini sculptures inspired by our surroundings. After a little more exploring, we got back just before the rain!

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Golden time -hammering!

Mrs Fear and Mrs Hoyle’s golden time group got their hammers out today to start getting the nails into the wood for their nail art. It is looking good but we all have a bit of a headache!”

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Roald Dahl Day cont.

Narwhals have been busy this afternoon, making sure our work is neatly presented ready for our exciting new display and creating some Quentin Blake inspired artwork of Alfie, the tortoise from ‘Esio Trot’. We used our ‘noticing ‘ skills to look really carefully at the image of Alfie from the book so that we could try to copy the shapes and colours carefully. We also noticed how Quentin Blake doesn’t mind when his lines go a little wrong or when his painting doesn’t quite fit neatly in the lines so tried to recreate this style in our own paintings. 

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Roald Dahl Day

Look who came to visit us today! We had such fun learning all about Mrs Parker’s pet tortoise, Petal. She came to visit our class to help us with our learning based on Roald Dahl’s book ‘Esio Trot’ which is all about a tortoise who isn’t growing quickly enough for his owner. We have been exploring the story and trying to say the backwards words using our phonic knowledge, as well as writing about how to keep a tortoise and descriptive writing.

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Woodland Habitats

Narwhals had lots of fun in the forest investigating the habitat. We looked carefully at what the woodland environment was like and then went on a hunt for all the different types of living things we could find there. We found many different plants and trees, spiders, wood lice, snails and many more ‘creepy crawlies’. 

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Love Where You Live!

Narwhals were outside this afternoon mapping the things we have around our school. We had to think very carefully about where we positioned the places and items we saw to keep our maps accurate. Our next plan of action is to create a neat version of our maps and think about the human and physical features we saw. Our school really does have some great outdoor areas for us to enjoy!

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We have been learning about what makes a living thing. Ask us if we can remember any of the characteristics that we need to be living – remember MRS NERG!

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