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My dancing Peacocks!

What a week! I am so so pleased with how well my class are doing. Their learning behaviours have improved so much in the last 5 weeks. The proof was how many certificates my class collected this week… AND we had the best attendance. Great work Peacocks…

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Super Science

This week the children were investigating gasses around us. They were set a challenge to try and prove gasses do exist. They completed 5 activities to try and prove that gasses are everywhere. The children loved trying to weigh a deflated and an inflated balloon, working out why they couldn’t squash an empty bottle with a lid on and trying to find the tissue that eucalyptus on it. Comment in the comments box to let me know what you found out.


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Wow Writing

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the skills needed to write a set of instructions.  This week we made a variety of things for a class picnic including sausage rolls and sandwiches. We then wrote some fantastic instructions. We didn’t stop there, we then improved them further to make them even better. I was delighted with the effort and pride the children demonstrated. Great job Peacocks!!!


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My superstar learners this week

Huge well done to all our certificate winners this week. Keep up the hard work with the reading challenge. And a massive well done to Marie for being the only person to get full marks on this weeks spellings.



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Topic this week…

  • Posted on

    • September 17, 2017
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In topic this week we have been looking at Tutankhamun. We wanted to find out if you can be a good leader at ten years old?

the children carried out some fantastic research and made some good notes…


So do you think you can be a good leader at 10 years old? Write a comment to let me know!

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Maths, Maths and more Maths

  • Posted on

    • September 16, 2017
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This week we have made huge progress in our maths knowledge. I have been really impressed that the children are using what they know to help them solve other problems. We have all had a go at being Maths Masters and considering it was your first go…you were all fantastic and showed lots of perseverance.

A key thing to making rapid progress in maths is learning the times tables. Each week I will be posting  a song for you to watch to help you learn the times table of the week.


This week is counting in multiples of 4


Here it is




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Ready for more super learning.

  • Posted on

    • September 10, 2017
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This week in Peacocks we have got lots of new learning.

  • We are going to be finding out whether Tutankhamun was a good leader and role model.
  • Learning some modelling techniques using clay.
  • Knowing about the different states of matter in Science.
  • Finding out what our new genre is in Literacy
  • AND…starting a new READING CHALLENGE!!

It is going to be another fantastic week!!


Mrs Parker

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Fabulous First Day

  • Posted on

    • September 6, 2017
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I was delighted to see my fantastic class looking so smart and ready for learning today. They have had a brilliant first day back and have collaborated, noticed, managed distractions and 100% committed themselves to being a Peacock.


We have learnt the importance of knowing our times tables so here is a little YouTube video to help you remember your 5 times table. Click on the link and enjoy learning.




Cant wait to see you all tomorrow!


Mrs Parker

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