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We have recently reviewed our curriculum in light of the new National Curriculum which came into force in September 2014. We believe that it is important that our children are well prepared for their lives both now and in the future, and for life in multicultural Britain and the world beyond.

Our school curriculum provides a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities underpinned by a strong commitment to basic skills. English and maths are taught on a daily basis, mainly in class groups. Children in Key Stage 1 and some children in Key Stage 2 have a daily phonics lesson, based on Letters and Sounds. Children who have secured Phase 5 in phonics have a daily ‘Support for Spelling’ lesson. All children are expected to read every day. All children have a Reading Record Book in which they can record their reading outside of school. For every day they read at home, children gain reading points which link into our reading reward system.

The school is well resourced in terms of reading books and these have recently been reorganised to make them more visually appealing and easily accessible to children of all ages. We do not follow a particular reading scheme but incorporate books from a range of schemes in order to give children as broad a range of reading material as possible. All reading books are banded using a colour system and children are guided through this progression by staff within school.

Foundation subjects are taught in various ways including on a weekly basis and as during focused days or weeks throughout the year. The school curriculum is themed by term:

  • Autumn Term – Life in the Past (History focus)
  • Spring Term – Life in Different Places (Geography Focus)
  • Summer Term – Life Around Us (Science Focus)

Science is taught year round for an afternoon per week but in the Summer Term, this becomes a particular focus. In order to ensure that all pupils cover their full curriculum entitlement, the school operates a rolling programme for the curriculum.

To find out more about our curriculum in action, please take a look at our class blogs.

Parents can also find out more about the curriculum by speaking to their child’s class teacher. Prospective parents can contact Mrs Clark, Headteacher, for further information.