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School Sports Grant

At Hoyland Springwood, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.


2018 – 2019

This Annual Plan below shows how the Schools Sports Grant is intended to be used 2018-2019:

HSW Sports Grant Plan 2018-2019

2017- 2018

This Annual Report below shows how the Schools Sport Grant was spent in 2017-2018 and the impact this had:

HSW Sports Grant Evaluation 2017-2018


Annual Report on the Use and Impact of the School Sport Grant 2016-2017

Total number of pupils on roll (January 2016 census) 121
Total amount of School Sports Grant received 2016 – 2017 £8510


Objectives of School Sport Grant

·        To increase pupil participation in sporting events and activities

·        To improve pupil health and wellbeing through engagement in sports and fitness activities

·        To provide opportunities for talented pupils to develop their skills and have the opportunity to compete at higher levels



Record of Expenditure of School Sports Grant 2016 – 2017
Action Cost Objective 


Employment of a dedicated Sports Leader (proportion of salary) £5925 To provide quality PE lessons for children from FS2-Y6

To provide increased opportunities for children to take part in a range of competitive activities with pupils from other local schools.

To provide a wide-range of extra-curricular clubs (lunchtime and after school), free of charge, for all children.

To increase participation in extra-curricular sport.

To develop a programme of intra-school sporting opportunities.

To ensure sustainability of sports provision within the school


All pupils have two hours of PE each week, with at least one being taught by the Sports Leader.


All pupils have had the opportunity to take part in inter-school and intra-school sporting events.


Sporting after-school clubs are available to all pupils and are oversubscribed.


Pupil voice (assemblies and pupil questionnaire) highlight sporting activity as a key strength of the school.


Sports provision is consistent and not dependent upon good will of teaching staff or volunteers.


As a school we have achieved the Gold standard in the School Sports Mark.


Membership of Team Activ £1365 To provide increased opportunities for children to take part in a range of sporting activities – both participatory and competitive.


A wide range of inter-school events is on offer.


All pupils have had the opportunity to take part in a range of events over the year.


Pupils have progressed to higher level competitions. Two KS2 children got through to the Barnsley Cross-Country Finals. One came second in the Barnsley Finals and the other finished in the top ten (in their respective year groups).


The Y5/6 Girls’ Cricket Team qualified for the Barnsley Finals.


The Y3/4 Boys’ Cricket Team finished third in the Kirk Balk Partnership competition.


A Yr 1/2 Hoopball team won the event at Netherwood.



Membership of Hoyland Sports Partnership £400 To provide opportunities for children to take part in a range of sporting activities – both participatory and competitive.

To develop links with other schools and pupils within the locality.


Transport costs for sporting events £820 To enable pupils to take part in sporting events across the borough and South Yorkshire.
Total £8510



Sporting Events 2016-17

Date Venue Sport Year Group(s)   Boys/Girls/Mixed No of Children
16/09/2016 Hoyland Common Primary Cross Country KS2 Mixed 8
23/09/2016 Hoyland Springwood Cross Country KS1 Mixed 8
30/09/2016 Hoyland Common Primary Football Team Y5/6 Mixed 8
03/10/2016 Barnsley College Ball Multi Skills Y1/2 Mixed 8
07/10/2016 Hoyland Common Primary Netball Y5/6 Mixed 8
19/10/2016 Cannon Hall Cross Country KS2 Mixed 78
04/11/2016 Hoyland Springwood Hockey Y3/4 Mixed 8
16/11/2016 Netherwood Dodgeball Y5/6 Mixed 8
21/11/2016 Joseph Locke Inclusive Goalball KS2 Mixed 8
02/12/2016 West Meadows Football Y5/6 Mixed 6
31/01/2017 Barnsley College Team Relay Y3/4 Mixed 14
10/02/2017 Tankersley Dance Y5/6 Mixed 3
15/02/2017 Barnsley College Handball Y5/6 Mixed 14
01/03/2017 Cannon Hall Cross Country KS2 Mixed 2
13/03/2017 Barnsley College Multi Skills Y1/2 Mixed 40
17/03/2017 Kirk Balk Tennis Y3/4 Mixed 4
22/03/2017 Netherwood ALC Tag Rugby Y5/6 Mixed 11
28/03/2017 Barnsley College Benchball Y3/4 Mixed 7
31/03/2017 Birdwell Tag Rugby Y5/6 Mixed 8
04/04/2017 Horizon Netball Y5/6 Mixed 8
24/04/2017 Springwood Multi Skills Foundation Mixed 28
12/05/2017 Jump Girls Football Y5/6 Girls 7
26/05/2017 Elsecar Cricket Club Girls Cricket Y5/6 Girls 8
26/05/2017 Elsecar Cricket Club Boys Cricket Y5/6 Boys 8
09/06/2017 Greenfield Football Team Y5/6 Boys 10
12/06/2017 Darfield Cricket Club Girls Cricket Y5/6 Girls 8
12/06/2017 Darfield Cricket Club Boys Cricket Y5/6 Boys 8
16/06/2017 Hoyland Common Primary Golf KS2 Boys 5
23/06/2017 Netherwood Hoopball KS1 Boys 7
26/06/2017 High View Cycling KS2 Mixed 12
30/06/2017 Dorothy Hyman Athletics KS2 Mixed 16
07/07/2017 Rockingham Cricket Club Cricket Y4/5 Mixed 8
10/07/2017 Dorothy Hyman Athletics Y3/4 Mixed 18
13/06/2017 Kirk Balk Football Y5/6 Boys 7
14/07/2017 Birdwell Rounders Y5/6 Mixed 10


Primary Schools Sports Funding

Click here for the Department of Education link to the Primary School’s Sports Funding page.